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Security Window Screens: Add Another Dimension to your Home Security

Take a stroll around a local business premises and you will notice that a woven security mesh solution is probably fitted around the premises. Most noticeable around banks and prisons, security window screens of this kind can also be installed around homes to expand the dimension of security. Tested for quality control, these screens are usually crafted with high tensile steel, which will have been woven to add an extra barrier of strength against forced break-ins and such. It isn’t just vandals and trespassers you can deter with these screens though, because they also prove useful for keeping unwanted pests at bay, reducing damage caused by hurricanes and protecting against the sun’s strong UV glare. Let’s learn more about the main features of security window screens.

The Ultimate Film Technology

The people who manufacture security window screens will normally apply a film technology to the glass. Known as the ultimate window film technology out there, it is constantly improving, not just for houses and buildings but also, for cars. Tested inside a laboratory, the window film will not have a major impact on the vision property dwellers have when looking outside from the inside, but it will make peering indoors a lot harder for nosey individuals. Less reflective than normal glass, it reduces glare significantly and as a result, energy savings can be enjoyed.

Reduce Up to 60 Percent of Heat

Turning on the air conditioning might provide temporary relief when you are feeling too hot, but it will also cost you a lot of money, particularly if you have more than one room to cool. Up to 60 percent of heat can be reduced when security window screens are installed by an expert, and this will not affect your daytime privacy. Unwanted heat will be rejected by the film that is applied to the window, so you need not worry about expensive bills creeping up every month once these windows are fitted.

Improve Comfort and Reduce Glare

Do you feel as though you have to shut the drapes when you are sat inside the home, purely because glare and heat is passing through the windows too easily? If so, hire someone to fit security window screens, which will improve comfort throughout the seasons and block approximately 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays. When you consider the fact that UV rays from the sun can cause furniture to fade, these windows really are a worthwhile investment in the long-run.

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