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Protect Your Property from Damp Proofing Problems

Have you noticed that you are coughing more than usual, or that you are wheezing when you breathe in? Perhaps you feel short of breath and the doctor cannot diagnose a problem? Whatever the health-related circumstances might be, it is imperative that you get in touch with a specialist who can deal with damp proofing problems. Specialists in this industry dabble in various techniques to ensure damp problems are kept to a minimum, from installing air ventilation systems to monitoring the indoor and outdoor temperature. The expertise, knowledge and equipment choices offered by someone who works in this industry could protect even the dampest property from moisture problems. Let’s learn a little more, shall we?

Air Ventilation Systems

When a specialist uncovers damp proofing problems, they will likely recommend air ventilation systems. These are the most common types of moisture control systems and can be fitted in all kinds of properties. Also referred to as an air cleaner or purifier, air ventilation systems should be cleaned frequently and the ducts changed every few months. The selection of air filtration options are very diverse and they include HEPA filters, electronic air cleaners, basic air cleaners and damp proofing systems with MERV ratings. Get in touch with a professional to find out which system best suits your circumstances.

Duct Cleaning

Just because you have a brand new air filtration system installed to reduce damp proofing problems, this does not mean that airborne contaminants will be eliminated completely. If you take the time to clean the ducts or to hire someone who can perform duct cleaning on your behalf, bacteria, microbes and mildew can be reduced by great means. Thorough air duct cleaning services will extend the life of whatever device you choose to get installed in the home, so take the time to invest in these services if you want to feel confident that you are not inhaling mould spores into the lungs.

Germicidal UV Systems

Not as many property owners are aware of the fact that germicidal UV systems can be installed to reduce the effects of damp proofing problems. Airborne pollutants are organisms that can have a negative effect on health, so if you have been feeling short of breath or tight chested, hire a professional company to install one of these systems. Indoor air will be sterilised when a germicidal UV system is fitted properly, thanks to the high-tech light that is integrated into the design of these systems. Best of all, they don’t use much energy either, so you won’t be spending a lot of money on energy bills.

Free advice and assessments for damp proofing problems are available through Damp Controllers. Call 0431 55 04 06 for additional information.

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