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Boat Share In The Spit: Considerations

You’ve already decided that owning a vessel is your dream and you’ve probably already checked into it, revealing that the costs are high. Your next option, and possibly the better one, is to consider a boat share in The Spit.

When doing so, you’ll enter into an agreement with the syndicate company and should have a few choice questions lined up, unless they post the information on their website. You should only consider options that offer equal shares between all owners and should also see how many owners there will be. For example, if there are eight owners, each person gets about 45 days a year, which is broken up in weekends and weekdays.

With a boat share in The Spit, you shouldn’t be forced to pick a particular vessel to fill the quota but should be able to choose anything they have. It may mean waiting longer until enough people are interested. You may also want to focus on how expenses are broken up, such as maintenance and marina fees. It is best that each person pays for the fuel they use, which means you’re not overpaying.

At Luxury Boat Syndicates, they make ownership easy because they take away most of the hassles. You don’t have to worry about maintenance issues or cleaning the vessel. Their online scheduling tool makes it easy to see when the ship is available and can also help you determine how much you’ve used it already. They allow for up to eight co-owners, though they do allow you to own multiple shares of the same vessel, giving you more time to use it, as well as pay a little more. A boat share in The Spit is an excellent way to own something tangible that will give you significant joy throughout the years.

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