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Security Doors: Why They’re Important

When most thieves and intruders decide to target your home, it’s likely that they will go through the front or back door first. It makes less noise if they can jemmy the lock without having to break glass. Therefore, it makes sense to consider security doors for the back and front entrances.

The primary goal of this door style is to protect your investment. You’ve probably got expensive jewellery and other items worth value because that is where you live and want to feel comfortable. The door can’t easily be cut or kicked in, which means thieves are likely to move onto another house.

Security doors aren’t just about keeping your home secure, though that is one of their primary benefits. Along with safety, they can also help you keep your privacy. You can still open the door and let in fresh air and sunlight, but the angle and thickness of the mesh creates a tinted look from the outside. Therefore, people walking by cannot see inside, but you can still see who’s out there. The mesh screen can also keep insects out of the house while you enjoy the breeze and reduce energy bills, by keeping the lights and air conditioning turned off.

At SP Screens, they not only focus on your security, but they also ensure that the products they sell are stylish and safe for any application. They realise that in years past, iron bars were all the rage because people wanted to show others that they were serious about security. Now, however, homeowners don’t want their neighbourhoods to look like fortresses because it looks unsightly and can lower property values. Therefore, their security doors are designed for strength and durability without compromising style and appearance, which means you get the best of both worlds.

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