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Privacy Screens Built for Prying Eyes

Whether you cringe at neighbourhood gossip, have odd hobbies, like to sunbathe in your backyard or simply enjoy your privacy – your property should be your sanctuary. Unfortunately, neighbours often don’t respect this concept and you may find them peeking over the fence or popping over uninvited to your next get-together. Privacy screens are the ideal solutions for homeowners who want to ensure that their personal business remains in their backyard.

Privacy screens can also improve the appearance of your home. You can customise the screen or fence and match it to the home’s décor. Most often, these screens will be installed around the perimeter of your yard, keeping prying eyes and trespassers away from your property. You can choose to space the privacy screen slats close together or farther apart depending on how much privacy you want and whether you want to maintain some visibility of the outside area.

SP Screens understands your need for security and privacy. That is why we partnered with one of Australia’s most popular screen manufacturers – Xcell, to bring you customised, stylish privacy screens for your home. If you have brick pier infills; the privacy screens can be installed into the infill, giving your home a complete, contemporary look. You can also use the screen as a gate with a locking mechanism so that people can’t enter your property without your permission.

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