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Security Screen Doors: Installation Benefits

Security screen doors are obviously going to provide more security for your home, as the name suggests. They are usually made with stronger materials than traditional flyscreen mesh, which cannot be cut open or kicked. Along with such, it usually comes with stronger hardware, such as non-removable hinges. The screens can also help you maintain your privacy while you’re at home. The angle and thickness of the mesh make it a little harder for people passing by to see inside, but you can still get a clear view of what’s outside.

Security screen doors look like any other screening system, so you don’t have to worry that your house is going to look like a fortress or prison. You won’t have ugly bars on the doors and windows, nor will you have to be fearful that a thief will walk into your house and take things that aren’t theirs. In fact, no one is likely to know that the product is designed to be more secure, though you will. The screening system can also keep insects out of the house, as well. Therefore, you can leave the door open with the screen locked and let in airflow and sunshine without fear of intrusion by thief or bug.

CommandeX offers a variety of security screen doors for homeowners throughout Australia. The products are designed to comply with Australian Security Standards and use highly-tensioned mesh without any mid rails to block your view. You can find two screening options, including Xceed and SecureView. Both are excellent for the home, though Xceed is more budget-friendly and doesn’t include the three-point locking system as standard. However, you can purchase it separately and have an installation expert put it on for you. The mesh is also slightly different and made of different materials, but it is still strong and durable.

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