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Perfect Deck Painting Tips Can Add Value To Your Home

If you’re like many people, a deck is a necessity for your home. While it can add value to the home, it is also an excellent way to relax, unwind, and entertain others. Decks can allow you a place to go outside to admire the garden, barbecue, or host a party, which is why you should consider painting it as needed. While most people don’t use traditional paint, you can choose to use stain or oil that will make it shine and look like new.


Rough-sawn timber may have been used for your deck, though most people would prefer to use higher-quality wood. If the deck came with the home and you don’t want to demolish it and rebuild, you can still make your rough-sawn deck look beautiful. Its rugged effect won’t be damaged when you paint it, but it will require a little more effort. You may need a 50-50 wash with acrylic primer and water. Once dry, you can sand off the raised fibres and use a full-strength primer next before finishing coats of acrylic, weather-resistant paint.

Treated Woods

Treated woods like Western red cedar, pine, and hardwood don’t need to be painted because they are sealed. However, the wood can turn grey from the weather. If you choose to paint it, you should use a weather-resistant paint of low gloss or sheen.


Deck boards should be painted as soon as they’re placed. Otherwise, the surface will grey and age. If your deck is already grey, you’ll need to sand off the surface first before you paint. Primers can be used to improve durability, but you’ll want a paint that is designed for decking. The professionals at Deck Seal Revival can help you choose the best products and solutions to your needs.

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