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Lighting Designs For Your Perfect Event

Whether you’re having a party, corporate event, or something else, lighting designs are crucial for your décor. Many people now turn to lights for all of their design needs, eliminating a lot of other fluff and keeping the light show that may wow guests more than a few silk bows or flowers. However, you shouldn’t neglect other décor elements, such as floral arrangements and others, because they can all add to the look and style you hope to achieve.


Whether you want people to stay sharp and pay attention, or want them to relax, remain calm, and enjoy themselves, you can achieve any atmosphere with lighting and designs. For example, meetings and seminars may require brighter lights so people can read, with a dimmer switch so you can show visuals from a projector. Likewise, parties can be amazing when you choose various colours or project things across a wall.

Brand Image

If you’re hosting a corporate event, lighting designs may include your company name, logo, or image. You can use a gobo (disc used to project an image) and can project your information onto the ceiling or wall. When people walk in, they’ll immediately know they went to the right place and can start mingling in style.


You can also use or find pre-made gobos with holiday décor items, like bells, holly leaves, Father Christmas, and so much more.

Where To Go/What To Do

The first step is to find a company like Solution Red, who can help you with the rest of the steps. They will listen to your desires and help you choose lights that fit well within your budget and needs. Likewise, they can offer tips or give you pointers on what lighting may be best for your event. They can also supply the lights and help you achieve event-fandom, where everyone wants to be invited.

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