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First Time Buyers – What To Expect From Conveyancing Lawyers

Buying a home can be highly daunting, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. The legal side of property purchases can be full of new terminology that you don’t understand, and you’ve likely heard friends or family members with a horror story or two. It can be easy to get intimidated by property law, particularly if you haven’t dealt with a lawyer in the past, but conveyancing lawyers are helpful as they will do the hard work for you, reducing stress and helping you through this difficult challenge.

What Is It?

Conveyancing isn’t a term that many people hear until they decide to buy a house. It just means the legal process that happens when the property changes owners. You are most likely going to deal with residential conveyancing, buying, renting, or selling personal property and homes.

What Solicitors Do

Conveyancing lawyers, also called conveyancing solicitors, will handle all the steps and paperwork required by the law to transfer equity and title deeds from one person to another. When you purchase property, you should employ the services of an experienced conveyancing lawyer, such as V.S. George Lawyers. Once you make an offer with your real estate agent, they will start taking over all the legalities and help you with the documents you need to sign. They can also organise water, environmental, drainage, and Local Authority searches as needed. They can also help you arrange to pay taxes and work with your lender to arrange funding.

Likewise, you may also need conveyancing services if you remortgage or decide to rent out your property.

Length Of Process

The length of time conveyancing can take depends on a variety of factors, including how long it takes to put in the offer and agree to terms. It can take up to 12 weeks, depending on other buyers or sellers in the chain, searches required, and more.

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