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Custom Frames Enhance And Personalise Your Artwork

Artwork should be displayed, but you also need to consider the frame used to ensure that it is portrayed correctly. If you choose the right surroundings for the art, you’ll add distinction and personality to the images without taking away from the art itself. Following a few guidelines can help to ensure that you enhance and personalise the art without going overboard.


You want to ensure that the item displayed is the centre of attention. While custom frames are the way to go, you must draw people’s attention to the artwork and nothing else. The border style should complement the piece to ensure that it is the focal point of the room or wall.

For example, if your artwork is formal in nature, you would do well to choose an elegant and simple frame, matching the style. Casual art works well with a simple trim. Stronger and dramatic pieces may require a low-key frame to draw attention to the item. The best news is that you have many options available, especially when choosing custom frames from Amarisco Framing & Mounting.


The edging you choose is up to you, but most frames start with wood or aluminium. Wood can add a touch warmth while metal may work better for contemporary or bold pieces.

Mount Boards

The mounting board will be attached to the artwork and should be made of high-quality material. Cardboard isn’t the best option, though polystyrene can maintain shape and won’t damage the piece.


The glass you choose is also important. You may want to skip the glass altogether, but the artwork can be exposed to temperature, humidity, smoke and other environmental factors that can damage it. You may want a standard finish with anti-glare glaze. You can also find glass with specialty glazes that prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating the artwork.

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