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Why Aluminium Rather Than Wood Gates

While most people love the look of wood, it can be disconcerting to know how much maintenance it requires. Plus, you may not be aware of the latest technology and the newer materials available. Aluminium gates are by far the most appropriate product for those who want something that looks aesthetically pleasing and is highly functional.

Homeowners on a budget will find that both materials are comparable, but will also find that wood isn’t as durable or as strong as metal. Most companies can make something bespoke that fits your needs, as well. Therefore, you won’t have to worry that it will look out of place or won’t match your home’s style.

Aluminium gates come in a variety of colours, which means you can choose something that matches your home or adds a bold statement to it. It’s almost like you’re telling criminals and thieves to move on by because you’ve taken steps to thwart them. The gate can be as high as you want, ensuring that people can’t easily climb over them. Plus, you can find slat fencing that matches and is as strong as the gate itself. If you’re worried about maintenance, you’ll find that metal is much easier to care for because it only needs a power wash or wipe down.

At SP Screens, they only focus on the highest-quality products, such as Xcell. They can offer fences and gating around the home, as well as around balconies and decks, carports, and more. Their products can also be used to hide utilities, such as trash bins, pool filters, and gas bottles. They will help you choose the most appropriate product and can even install it for you so that you know it was done professionally, ensuring that your aluminium gates work correctly.

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