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The Different Type of Shower Screens and Frames

A shower is a centrepiece in many bathrooms. Not only are showers a quick and easy way to get clean, but they are a great décor options when it comes to upgrading your bathroom. Shower screens are in place to keep water inside the shower, protecting the floor and surrounding area from water damage and accumulation. If you’re looking to upgrade the décor in your bathroom, there are so many different types of shower screens, and each type of functionality caters to a certain preference.

Different Types of Screens

There are a few main types of shower screens, such as the following:

Pivot screens involve the majority of the shower panels being securely fixed in place while a door that uses a pivot hinge swings in, or out, to allow access to the shower.

A sliding door screen is just what the name implies and this features the use of a panel door that slides back in forth in order to get in and out of the shower.

Corner shower screens are designed specifically to be placed in the corners of showers, and it features two narrow fixed panels and a pivot door.

A fixed and swing door involves a fixed panel above, and a door that can swing, and these doors are typically made to only swing outward. These types of shower screens are best for bathrooms that have a big and roomy floorplan, as an outward opening door requires enough clearance space.

A fixed panel screen doesn’t actually have a door at all. These are typically used to create a walk-in shower, and can also be used on the combined edge of a tub and shower combo.

Different Types of Frames

Of course, apart from the individual types of shower screens themselves, you can also choose how your shower screen looks.

A fully framed shower screen involves a glass panel and the frame is fully installed around that panel. These tend to be a very cost effective option, and they can help to create a more classical, or traditional, look.

A semi frameless option also exists, and this can help to create a more minimalist effect while still providing a sharp look and being more cost effective than a full framed option.

A fully frameless look involves a glass panelling that is not supported by any type of frame, but rather, these glass panels are often installed with the use of special fixing, channels, or clamps.


Instead of remodelling the entire bathroom, consider researching the many types of shower screens, and how they might help to spruce up your shower and bathroom, for less.

If you’re ready to move forward, or if you have any questions regarding different types of shower screens, go to or call them at 07-5603-7700.

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