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Reasons To Consider Flammable Cabinets

Many industries work with corrosives and chemicals that could catch fire during an emergency. The goal here is to keep them separated so that they don’t mix together and cause problems or burst into flames when a fire erupts in the building nearby.

Flammable cabinets can help you do just that, but selecting the right one is essential. You may have a variety of flammables, such as petrol and diesel, automotive lubricants and fluids, paint thinners, and oil-based paint. Each of these should be housed in separate places, or the cabinet should have shelving that keeps each item separated by steel or a double wall.

Flammable cabinets should come with self-latching and closing doors to prevent people from accidentally leaving them open. Otherwise, they would not do their job in case of a fire or may mix with the air and cause headaches and other problems. You should also ensure that the cabinet is designed to handle Australian Standards and meet or exceed them. Similarly, they should be fire tested to ensure that they will keep the items inside safe from the flames and heat.

At EcoSpill, they understand the need to prevent fires and explosions. They also realise that many businesses in Australia are required to use a variety of hazardous liquids to do their job. Therefore, they ensure that their products comply with EPA regulations and will exceed Australian Standards AS1940-2004. However, their products are designed to be used inside the facility, so you shouldn’t keep the cabinet outside. You’ll find that their products use fully-welded construction and a 1.2mm steel double wall for added protection. They are powder coated with electrostatic high-gloss finishes and offer dual vents. Their flammable cabinets also include adjustable shelf heights, self-closing and latching doors, and leak-proof containment sumps.

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