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Dental Bridges in Macquarie Park: Considerations

Have you lost a tooth but the surrounding teeth are still healthy and strong? If so, you may wonder what can be done. While most people initially focus on implants, you may not want a surgical procedure or have to wait months for the gums to heal before each step of the process can be complete. Most people only focus on implantation, but dental bridges in Macquarie Park are another option.

A bridge can be single or a series of faux teeth that’s made of porcelain. The goal of the bridge is to replace that missing tooth or teeth and fill the gap in your smile. It’s an aesthetically pleasing restoration that revamps your smile and helps it look continuous and polished.

Dental bridges in Macquarie Park also help stabilise the rest of the teeth and provide support. A bridge also helps you chew your food properly and ensures that you don’t mush words when you speak. They also ensure that your face shape doesn’t change over the years because there is still something there to support the facial muscles. Along with such, the surrounding teeth can’t shift into the open space, causing issues with bite patterns.

At North Ryde Macquarie Park Dentists, they know it’s difficult to lose a tooth and wonder about your options. While they will always support your decision, they also ensure that you know about all tooth-replacement options, which includes implants and dental bridges in Macquarie Park. If you choose a bridge, you can rest easy knowing that they use local dental laboratories, which means your restoration doesn’t have to travel long distances. Along with such, they only use the best materials and match the material to your existing teeth to ensure that the restoration looks excellent and lasts as long as possible.

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