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Considerations for Choosing Silt Socks

Almost every business has a legal requirement to protect the environment around them. Whether you work in an industry that deals with corrosives or just use fuel and oil to power your machines and vehicles, you need to have absorbent materials that can soak up any leaks or spills. Silt socks are an excellent choice, especially if you are worried that liquid could soak into the ground or want to prevent it from soaking into the ground. You’ll find a variety of weights, lengths, and materials, all available to ensure that your soil isn’t lost. If you allow the soil to move away from your site, liquids can go through and cause numerous issues.

Silt socks can prevent environmental damage from routine construction tasks, but they can also help prevent erosion on any property. Most people prefer to purchase flat-packed socks. They’re created for you so that you can fill them with whatever you need, such as sand or gravel. The filling you choose is based on the location of where it will be placed. The flat-packed versions utilise a sewn-in tie that ensures you can seal it once you’ve filled it appropriately. They’re perfect around drains and gutters, and can also prevent topsoil from washing away. When you’re finished with them, you can empty the contents and reuse them next time.

At EcoSpill, their products range from fences, curtains, socks, and bags, all designed to reduce the sediment lost. You have the power to prevent topsoil runoff, which means fewer fines from local government. Along those lines, you can protect your property from any damage caused by back-ups or flooding because silt socks keep the drains free from debris and sediment. You can find many sizes and buy plenty of socks, ensuring that you’re ready for anything.

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