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Understanding The Essential Utility Of Your Tyre

It’s true that most people drive everywhere they go. They either live in a more rural area or like the feeling of being in a car. However, you probably rarely, if ever, think of your tyres, though they can tell the story of your vehicle. Your tyres take you everywhere, but you probably think more about the engine, suspension or appearance of the vehicle instead of the tyre. It’s important to know the essential utility and how the tyre works, so you feel more confident and understand more about them.

Six Essential Functions

You probably know a few of the essential functions of your tyre, since it carries you and helps you drive. However, you probably don’t know that a tyre carries over 50 times its weight, as well as transferring loads during braking and acceleration.

When driving, you don’t think about the heat or cold of the pavement or the various road conditions you travel through every day. However, they can affect the usability and functionality of your tyres.

Tyres can also provide stability and guide the vehicle, without drifting. It also works to transmit energy from the ground to the engine and vice versa. For example, when you drive in a straight line and then turn a corner, the tyre transmits that energy to make it safer for you to do so.

Your tyre can also absorb certain irregularities and obstacles in the road without puncturing. While nails and other sharp objects should be avoided when possible, it is still okay to drive over a small stick, litter, and other smaller objects. The tyres may also dampen the irregularities found on the road, such as small holes, potholes, uneven pavement, and gravel, so you and the passengers are more comfortable for the trip. Therefore, it’s important to have the tyres frequently checked by the professionals at Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart.

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