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Things You Need To Know About Immigration

Immigration can come about for a variety of reasons, but it is always best to know a few things and know where to turn to for help. The UK and Australia have ties going back hundreds of years, but it is increasingly difficult for citizens of other countries to make the transition to the Land Down Under. Australian immigration can be stringent and include a variety of hurdles through which you must jump. Therefore, it may be best to choose LIVV Immigration to help you through the process.


Of course, you will require a visa to go to another country. While the process for holiday visas is much simpler and can be found online, those for working and living in Australia are completely different. You will require a permanent visa to relocate to the country. While it can be easier to obtain such a visa if you have a parent or sibling in the country, it’s tough if you’re moving there alone.

Therefore, you will need to have skills that Australia needs or requires. The one exception that proves the rule is if you work for a company with a branch in Australia and are sent there to work. It’s best if you can demonstrate experience or skill in an industry relevant to Australia.

Lengthy Process

The process can take a year, which most people don’t realise before going into the process. There are many criteria that you must meet, sending in information and waiting to hear back. Immigration agents can help cut the time it takes, but you should be realistically prepared to wait.


You are allowed to bring family pets, but you must go through the right channels. They will need to be vaccinated and checked by a veterinarian, and you will need to get permission to import your pet.

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