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Renovating Bathrooms; Not A DIY Project

There has been an explosion of television shows and websites expounding the ease of renovating bathrooms; this movement has been aimed at young homeowners for the most part. Of course, getting a beautiful new bathroom and saving money is an attraction, but the truth is far different.

There are no problems associated with installing a new towel rail or shower rod, but when it comes to relocating drainage and water lines, tearing out outdated wiring, and installing tiles, these are jobs best left to professionals. Horror stories abound that talk about the amount of money spent to rip-out and re-do the DIY flooring or wall tiling.

Professional bathroom renovators are well aware of the problems; they are often called in when the homeowner reaches the point where they admit they are in over their heads; they don’t have the skills, the tools or the time. Renovating bathrooms is simply not a suitable task for DIY. There are also legal impediments when renovating a bathroom. Unskilled and unlicensed homeowners must stay well away from relocating and installing new plumbing, replacing and relocating electrical services, or making serious structural changes. In an effort to save money, it is not unusual for the homeowner to undertake the initial demolition, even this is a mistake. Not only does this step account for such a small part of the budget; but it also is easy to do damage to the infrastructure.

Bathroom renovating is a job that is only something that should be done by highly skilled teams of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tile setters, etc. This is why wise homeowners turn to Oxford Bathrooms; they have the people, the skills, and plenty of experience. If you want to be happy with the results, then leave the job of renovating bathrooms in the capable hands of experienced professionals.

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