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Choosing The Best Butcher In Wollongong

Whether it’s a special occasion or your weekly search for the best meat possible, finding the right butcher in Wollongong is essential. While supermarkets have meat available, you never know how fresh they are, whether or not they’ve been frozen, or from where the food comes. Therefore, it’s best to go to butchers, who provide overall better service and products than a supermarket can

Custom Cuts

Butchers should be able and willing to grind or cut your meat to your specifications. They handle the food with care because they realise that their continued existence is based on a good customer experience. Therefore, they may be more willing to do what you need, such as half ground and half sliced meats. They can also remove the extra fat and provide leaner cuts.

Locally Sourced

Companies like Butcher Direct understand that you want to know where your meat lived and grew. They try to use locally-sourced meats as often as possible. They should tell you (or post it on the website) where the meat comes from, so that you can plan accordingly. This ensures freshness and a better quality of meat.

Online Convenience

Many butchers in Wollongong will allow you to shop online. You can choose between beef, chicken, pork, veal and many other products. You can also find stews, roasts, and more. Then, you decide how much you want, usually per kilogram. They may also prepare things, such as beef Wellington, lessening your work load.


It is imperative that you check their about-us page to determine how much experience they have cutting and handling meat. They should package it and store it properly, and get it to your door within two business days.

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