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Stump Grinding – Hire Professionals Vs. DIY

Removing trees can be done for various reasons, whether it is for landscaping or because they’re diseased. Whatever the reason, you may think that DIY options are better than hiring professionals. Chopping down the tree may be slightly easier, but once the tree is gone, where do you put it and how do you remove the stump? Most people just leave the stumps in the ground, but that can cause damage and injury, particularly when grass starts to grow up around it. Therefore, it may help to understand the pros and cons of both hiring professionals and doing it yourself.


Before you can take on the project yourself, you must have the right equipment. You’ll need shovels, garden mattocks, drills, chainsaws, a gas-powered stump grinder and a wheelbarrow. While you may have some things already, such as a chainsaw, shovel or drill, the grinder alone can set you back thousands of pounds. Renting is one option, but can still cost hundreds of pounds per day.

Unless you use stump grinders frequently, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the product, which can make the process take longer, as well. Therefore, DIY may not be the best choice when it comes to grinding stumps down and removing trees.

Hiring Professionals

Professionals, such as Timberline Tree Service, will have all the equipment and tools necessary to do the job. They’ll bring them to the site and be able to start immediately. They’re already trained on how to use the equipment safely. You won’t have to rent/buy a lot of different machines and won’t risk causing injury or damage to yourself and your property.

While the cost can seem a little high, doing it yourself can cost a lot more, especially if you or someone else gets hurt or there is damage to the property. Therefore, it’s always best to let the professionals handle the stump grinding.

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