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Help Make Your Guests Comfortable By Using Chairs Hire

Guests at any event deserve to be treated like royalty. After all, be it a shower or wedding or business meeting, people have often travelled and taken time away from their lives in order to attend. The least a host can do is seat his or her guests in style. Using a chair hire service will help keep your guests comfortable, while also ensuring a uniform appearance throughout the event. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which type of chair to select for your event. It’s always advisable to consult with a party hire service before making a final decision; their experienced staff can help determine what is best for your unique event.

Determine Quantity and Quality

Before deciding which type of chair to hire, be sure to have an accurate estimation of how many will be needed. It’s always better to over order, and have a few extra chairs, than under order and require guests to stand. Select a chair hire service that carries enough chairs to fulfil this requirement. Also be sure that the selected company has high quality standards, in order to satisfy yourself that the chairs will not be dirty or in any other way inadequate upon arrival.

Consider Your Venue

Different styles of chairs are suitable for different types of venues. An event held in a backyard will obviously have a different feel to one held in a ballroom or board room. When looking at which style of chair is best, consider what type of venue you’ve booked, and which style would look best. The important thing to remember is that contrasting the style to chair to the venue will leave your guests with the impression that the chairs, and therefore their comfort, were a last minute thought.

Consider Linen

Certain chairs lend themselves well to a linen hire as well. Chair covers and sashes are often available from the same service from which the chairs were hired, and can add an element of class or style to the event. Linens are especially important in cases where the venue itself is plain but where elaborate decoration would not be appropriate.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Another thing to keep in mind when looking at chair hire is the demographic of your guests. Basic black folding chairs may be entirely appropriate for certain situations, but not others. For example, guests who are required to travel quite a distance to attend deserve something a little classier than a basic folding chair. Guests with certain unique needs, such as the elderly or those with health concerns, may benefit from a more comfortable style of chair over one that is stiffer in nature. Speak with the chair hire service to inquire about these situations – an experienced consultant will be able to help guide your decision based on the needs of your unique situation.

For more information about making your guests as comfortable as possible through chair hire, contact Harts Party Hire at or call 1300 669 201.

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