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Boat Share – How To Choose The Right One For Your Family Holiday

Many families enjoy boating but don’t have the funds available to buy a vessel to keep and maintain. However, companies like Luxury Boat Syndicates offers an alternative with boat share options. With this type of service, you can have all the benefits of owning and using the vessel, without all the hassles of maintaining it, keeping it and cleaning. However, when searching for one that’s right for your family holiday, there are a few tips to help ensure you get one that fits your needs.


How long do you plan on being on the vessel? Most boat share companies are flexible when it comes to timing, but you may need to let them know that you plan on using it up to a month in advance and for how long. If you just want a day trip or overnight trip, that may not be a problem. However, if you’re planning on being gone a full week, you may need to tell the company in writing.

How Luxurious?

Primarily, you want the entire family to be comfortable while they’re on the boat. Therefore, you want to ensure that there are plenty of berths for everyone to sleep. Likewise, you’ll want a vessel with a usable kitchen, full bathroom and plenty of storage. Because you’ll be on the water, sailing, you won’t be able to gain quick access to a laundry service, which means you’ll need plenty of clothing/swimming gear for the trip and will want to store it appropriately.


The outside of the vessel should have comfortable seats and enough room for everyone to sunbathe, lounge, read or whatever else they want to do. Likewise, you’ll want to bring fishing gear, portable DVD players and CD players for relaxation.

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