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5 Tips for Hiring a Licensed Electrician

Hiring an electrician to handle your electrical repairs and maintenance is wise. The money you spend on a licensed electrician now is nothing compared with what electrical damage could cost you later on.  Read on for some common sense tips for hiring a licensed electrician in your area.


No matter how great a company looks on paper or online, the best way to find a good electrician is through recommendations from actual clients.  Start by talking to your friends, family, and neighbours then research the companies further. You can even look on social media to find reviews.

Consider the Company

Sure, your neighbour’s uncle did their wiring and they thought he was great. But, there are advantages to hiring a licensed electrician through a company.  For example, you’ll a larger group of people working on your behalf. If there are more people, there are more appointments available.  There might even be a master electrician who can work on your project! A company can guarantee its work and have more experience to offer you.

Licensing & Insurance

Make sure that you know that the electrician working on your project is licensed. Some states have online databases where you can research your particular electrician. Ask him if he carries insurance and check his insurance card to see that it is up to date.

Quality of the Staff

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have if you don’t have great customer service.  Every member of the staff should contribute to making your experience top rate.  The person who answers the phone should be helpful, friendly, and good at prompt communication.  The team of electricians who come to your home or business should be punctual, tidy, friendly, and honest.  The reviews and referrals you find will help you get a feel for the quality of the staff. Then, pay attention to how you are treated, how quickly your calls are returned, and the professionalism of all involved before you commit to a particular company.

Fair Pricing

You get what you pay for, and electrical work is no different. Look online to find standard costs for licensed electricians in your area. Then, get a bid from the company you’re considering before you commit. Remember that the lowest bid doesn’t mean the company will be the right choice for you.  You need to consider all these tips for hiring a licensed electrician in order to have the best experience possible.

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